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About Lawrules

Expert legal advice over 25 years

“ We can provide you with a free and confidentioal evaluation”.

Our lawyers are regularly invited to speak at seminars and educate other attorneys and industry representatives about important and constantly evolving legal issues.

Our History

Establishment of the Company!
The origins of lawyers and the first founders of law make their appearance.
The First Bar
As the legal profession continued to evolve and become more official in ancient Rome.
2011 Legal Profession In The Middle
Lawyers in medieval times found themselves struggling to make a living as the legal.
History of Lawyers
It’s important to understand that the history of attorneys is filled with changes.

Our Strategy

Know your information

Keep yourself up-to-date on your area of law. Be aware of new developments, as laws and rules often change based on the situation and new cases are being decided every day.

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Listen to your client

Never judge, just listen and advise. Even if your client has made a bad decision, which he or she will undoubtedly do at some point throughout the course of your representation.

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Honest with the court

Being untruthful will get you nowhere and give you a reputation of dishonesty. Plus, your clients will not trust you, which does not translate into repeat business from clients.

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Last seven years statistics

When did lawyers first start practicing in the United States? It’s important to understand that the history of attorneys is filled with changes and fluctuations. In order for a society to need lawyers, there must be a certain level of advancement. This means that the first lawyers didn’t immediately appear in the Americas when the British colonies were established.

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